Andrea Charise, phd

Researcher, educator, and advocate for arts-based approaches to aging, health, and community wellness.



About Andrea

Andrea uses her background as a medical researcher to generate interdisciplinary connections between the arts, humanities, health, and community wellness.

She has written two books, developed Canada’s first undergraduate program in Health Humanities, and leads high-impact, community-engaged, collaborative research at the intersection of arts, humanities, and health.

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What drives my work is connecting audiences to the rich insights of language, culture, and creative practices, as a way to explore the lived realities of health and social wellness.



Andrea Charise has written, edited, and/or co-edited over 50 peer-reviewed journal articles, academic monographs, book chapters, book series, and edited volumes.

Can the arts and humanities provide a framework that compliments conventional approaches to health research, knowledge, and learning?

Current Projects


A SSHRC-funded Partnership Development Grant focused on community arts as a method for social wellness.

The Resemblage Project

Award-winning, community-engaged intergenerational digital storytelling initiative.

Mobilizing Arts for Health Equity

A NFRF grant exploring mobile arts access as a catalyst for post-pandemic health equity.

Studies in Health Humanities

A new academic book series published with Lehigh University Press.